Who we are

RubyGardens is a network of training centers where mid-level or senior developers, who have solid knowledge in any technology, can retrain as Ruby developers. We demand deep knowledge and rich experience from the applicants because we work with professionals and for professionals. We organize a compelling learning process to provide fast considerable progress in Ruby studies.

If you’re a potential Ruby developer, you may feel a bit bored while reading numerous hackneyed lines describing our activities, so let’s continue in a more entertaining form. If you wake up one morning and find yourself a Ruby evangelist, then you should be ready to meet interesting people while learning.

This is Alex In general, he is a chief Ruby gardener. His 10+ years’ experience in IT and passion for Ruby help him with daily caring for the new trees and give him strength to resist unfavorable weather conditions.

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Here are Renat and Andrei They are the fathers of Ruby training in Belarus. They want to change the world and color it in Ruby tones. Considerable 10+ years’ experience in IT and excellent management skills proved in leading a large outsourcing company are a good basis for fast Ruby Gardens growth and development.

Renat Andrei

Here is Sergey He is a chief instructor. If you are lucky enough, you’ll get the chance to start your Ruby learning with him.


Last but not least–Kirill Apart from being a nice person, he is a real expert in R&D. Due to his ability to endlessly generate fresh ideas and his sharp brain, we constantly get innovative solutions and approaches. He sets the direction for our development.