Broader impact

RubyGardens is a network of training centers that provides retraining for Ruby on Rails and promotes Ruby solutions. While the students concentrate on the learning process, the Ruby Gardens staff put a lot of efforts to accomplish the following targets:

Reform conservative outlook: Ruby is a relatively young language and this results in outraged holly war when Ruby vs any mature language X discussion starts. The main aim of RubyGardens is not simply contribute to hot debates, but to provide real facts demonstrating Ruby practical value for developers.

Reform Conservative Outlook

Ruby pros as shown by practical examples: The rich experience of RubyGardens instructors in solid international projects and Ruby evangelists’ practice formed a profound basis for efficient learning. Any theoretical knowledge is useless if it’s not applied in practice, thus the training harmoniously combines both these components.

Ruby Pros

Nurture the new generation of highly motivated Ruby developers: Initially, RubyGardens require strong motivation from the applicants. But very often, lack of real practice with the language prevents experienced developers from changing the area of expertise. RubyGardens provide the possibility to work on cool projects from awesome employers and assess the possibilities of the technology from inside, thus eliminating such doubts.

Nurture The New Generation