Week 5 The end of autumn course

Autumn Rubygardens course ended finally. Time passed so fast. All the sprints, Scrum-meetings, iterations, code reviews and parties are over. So what do we have here?

First of all, Rubygardens ends well: 8 newborn Ruby-developers are ready to go the Ruby way. They have much to learn of course. But they have a lot of information and skills gotten during the course, too. And those skills will be improved for sure!

Second, the training project “I am a rubist” isn’t training project anymore. We have a stable, unique open source product for Ruby-society. “I am a rubist” social-oriented source is all about communication and cooperation of Ruby geeks who don’t like to be public persons nevertheless want to help the world. The project will be published very soon. 

Third, trainees were baptized with no fire but few parties during the course. Ruby Antiparty was the most fabulous one with a lot of beer and tequila. It became real initiation for young Rubists. 

That’s it. That is what Rubygardens was like in autumn 2012. Exciting, extremely interesting, full of events. And the most important, it wasn’t the last course. Stay tuned!

Rubygardens Graduates

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