Week 4

Week 4 of the RubyGardens project is over. Well, it was a pretty tough week! The first sprint turned almost fatal, it nearly slashed the flaming hearts of our young Rubists. So the first aid was needed and it appeared just in time shaped as 2 kegs of beer. Nevertheless, we weren’t able to rescue one of the trainees, unfortunately. So the first (ex-)trainee leaved the courses. There were good news, however, as less people remained to share the $$$ bonus.

As long as the courses program appeared to be more complicated for the trainees as it was supposed to be (n.b. initially most of them had a level far from even Junior), our tutors decided to split the trainees in two groups. They will go two different directions and attack the course project from both sides at the same time. Let’s wish them good luck!

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