Week 3

The first real tasks, hurdles with code review and hot debates with tutors marked the third week. Code review was a real challenge for the trainees: there are 10-12 commits at an average, strict anti-rating system, which means that everybody knows who’s the leader at the moment. This all is a real stress for the trainees. No wonder that 5 kilos of M&M’s sent as a support by the product owner were accepted with enthusiasm. That was sweet!

By the end of the week everything and everyone had cooled down and the process had been running pretty smoothly.
At the moment, the carcass of the application is completed and it keeps gaining the features. 

The hardships of the week were sweetened not only by M&M’s. Friday evening of board and card games with beer and pizza help the trainees to forget about hard work and relax playing Munchkin, Citadel, Uno, Scrabble and other games.

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