How we train

The course starts

All future Ruby stars divide into groups of five to make the learning process more efficient. The attendees master theory during interactive training with the instructor and after every training, they get a test task to apply knowledge in practice. Every practical task is a part of a big graduation project that will be a result of a two-month course.


In between theory and practice

Thanks to the RubyGardens partners, the attendees have a possibility to take a look at real projects from inside and participate in the professional seminars and events. The trainees are active visitors of BarCamps, the so-called unconferences, that do not have pre-negotiated agenda and, therefore, allow more freedom for discussing the issues that are interesting to all the participants.

Theory And Practice

During two months you will learn

1. Understanding Ruby
2. Why do I need it at all
3. Metaprogramming in Ruby
4. Creating Web applications with Ruby
5. Web + Ruby = ?
6. To Ruby code, or not to Ruby code: that is the question (Pros/cons and the outcomes)
7. Introducing Ruby on Rails
8. Training for young Ruby Scouts
9. BDD & TDD
10. How to use BDD and TDD: time to explore new approaches
11. Optimization and scaling of Ruby on Rails apps
12. Time is money or how will I save the time on coding with Ruby
13. Web applications security
14. Ruby On Rails best practices
15. Stop consuming – start producing: applied Tao philosophy for Ruby developers
16. The review of powerful plug-ins for enhancing Ruby applications: why we use them

Two Months