Moving from separate fragments to unity

Ruby enables realizing high-quality solutions times faster that accelerates the speed of project development. One of the largest IT communities allows finding answers to complicated questions, share ideas and experience with other Ruby advocates. Moreover, Ruby popularity for all kinds of projects formed a high demand for Ruby experts. All the above-mentioned components put together turn Ruby into a powerful tool for rapid professional development and career growth.


60 days of non-stop Ruby training

RubyGardens is one of the first training centers that offers an innovative approach to learning. The students distract from every day routine and dive into Ruby atmosphere. This helps concentrate on studies and acquire new skills faster. The RubyGardens course—2 months of studying the well-designed language and fast transition to high-performance development.

Non Stop Training


The instructors of all RubyGardens training centers located in different countries actively participate in cool projects from awesome employers, e.g. RightScale and Couchbase. The participants face extraordinary tasks and are encouraged to generate new solutions. The instructors willingly share their practical experience and cover the latest trends and approaches.

Instructors Practitioners

Not only do we train, but help advance in real projects

No matter how well you have learnt the material, it always needs to be revised and extended. If the studies are finished successfully, RubyGardens offer the possibility to join one of the Ruby development teams. The great demand for the technology grants exciting projects and excellent career opportunities.

Real Projects

Powerful local community

Every participant enjoys advantages of being a part of a friendly team. The attendees get constant support from the instructors and can discuss any challenging issues or receive help at a local community. Thanks to weekly sprints the participants not only show personal progress and share ideas on more successful solutions, but also analyze the mistakes made by colleagues to eliminate them in future.

Powerful Community

Career breakthrough

The strong demand for highly qualified Ruby developers creates favorable conditions for rapid job promotion. Ruby practitioners who show keen interest, inspiration, and great skills have all the chances to be recognized and get interesting job positions times faster than their counterparts, who utilize older technologies.

Career Breakthrough