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  • 60 days of intensive work with instructors with 7+years’ hands-on Ruby experience in a team of geeks like you

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Want to go the Ruby way? Become a Ruby On Rails Star!

An opportunity for mid-level and senior developers with 2+years of experience in PHP, Java, ASP.NET, C#

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Training at RubyGardens enables solving complicated tasks and develop projects faster with fewer lines of the code. Ruby on Rails gives you more opportunities to enjoy your work and become a Ruby guru. Build your career times faster and get a chance to work on cool projects from awesome employers.

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Why are you a Rubyist?

Apart from the theory stuff, why do real Ruby developers choose this technology for their career? Our “secret agent” got into one creative Ruby department to make a spy report on the workday life of Ruby guys. Watch the video and learn why the developers have chosen the risky Ruby way. Not for the faint-hearted! None of the Ruby developers was hurt during the filming. :)